Getting your hair dyed can be terrifying whether it’s your first time or hundredth. From getting the hair colour right to maintenance, we got you sorted with the top tips to keep your dye looking its best.

Evaluate the whole situation

Depending on the colour you choose, and the type of dye you are using, maintenance can vary significantly. The first thing we would recommend doing is evaluating whether or not you are ready for the level of maintenance required for your specific job. Take some time to do some research into what types of dyes would be best for your hairstyle and how often you will need to treat it. 

Having your dye touched up can start adding up so if you feel like getting regular touch-ups is not within your budget, we would recommend picking a hair colour that is closer to your natural shade so you can get away with less frequent colouring.

Bring pictures with you

It might seem like a simple trick but bringing pictures with you can really help point the hair stylist in the right direction. At House of Handsome, we always encourage you to bring pictures in with you so we can get the most accurate look. Telling the stylist you want “Eminem blonde” could get you his signature dirty blonde look from his early career, or that plain phase he went through in the 2010s. Bringing a picture can eliminate this whole confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Keep in mind your skin tones and natural hair colour

A very common mistake that people make is finding a hair colour they like on a model that looks nothing like them. Skin tones play a huge role in how a hair colour will look on an individual. Brad Pitt’s dirty blonde look might seem like a great idea but try googling images of people with a similar skin tone rocking the same hair colour. Take a look and think to yourself whether or not it would look good on you too. Oftentimes you might find yourself playing around with different styles before landing on the one you love. It’s better to make that mistake on photoshop then on your real hair first.

Colouring your hair can damage it

Dyeing your hair is strenuous on the hair follicles and its overall health. Many hair stylists will recommend you do more extensive transformations in multiple steps. This will allow the follicles to heal between sessions and ensure the healthiest look possible. After you’ve done all your research and landed on a colour you love, come see one of our experienced hair stylists at House of Handsome. We would be happy to map out this journey with you and make sure your colour comes out exactly as you hoped!

For all your hair needs, feel free to call or visit a location near you to consult with one of our hair stylists. We welcome new clients and can assist with a wide variety of services from colouring to trims, and more!