It might come as a news flash to some, but there are indeed different types of fades. This revelation is a hidden secret of the barbershop world and like the secret menu at McDonalds, you just need to know what to order. Here is our guide to picking the right fade for you.

What Is A Fade?

To start, we need to first understand what a fade is. While some barbers do it better than others, a good fade will blend the sides of your head so that the skin and the hair seamlessly transition into one cohesive hairstyle. A good fade is hard to come by, so talk to your barber at House of Handsome to see if a fade will work with your haircut of choice.

Low Fade Vs High Fade

Having curly hair is often a blessing and a curse. While it is envied by anyone with straight hair, they often don’t realize how much effort it takes to maintain. For that reason, we recommend using something with a little more hold. Pomades are a great option for people with curly hair because they will also add a necessary shine that gets better throughout the day. A little bit of American Crew Pomade can really make those curls stand out in the most classic way. Try slicking your hair back with it in the morning and watch those curls bloom by the time you leave the house.

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Fade Level

Once you have decided whether you like it low or high, you just need to decide your fade level. The fade level refers to the starting point shave level. For example, if you picked a low fade, you may want to choose a 0.5 or 0 for the starting point. This means your hair will fade from nothing (or close to it) into whatever haircut you have chosen for the top. Typically low fades will have a lower fade level, while high fades will have a higher one. Feel free to get creative though!

Choosing your hairstyle is hard enough! Telling the barber what you want is a whole new beast. We hope that this guide helps you feel more confident when telling your barber exactly what you’re looking for. Get your haircut with confidence at House of Handsome and drop in for your next fade – low or high.