With winter just around the corner, you may be looking for a new hairstyle to rock. Look no further because House of Handsome in Spruce Grove has compiled a list of the best haircuts to rock this winter season. Whether you are looking for style you can wear underneath a tuque, or you like when the breeze hits the sides of your fade, we got you covered. 

Here is our list of the best hairstyles to rock this winter:


Quiff Haircut at house of handsome

The Quiff is a modern classic because of its reliance on the fade to pull the whole look together. If you have medium to long hair, this might be the perfect style for you. During the winter months, the top will keep your head warm while the sides keep you looking as clean as ever. 

French Crop

french crop at house of handsome

The french crop is such a great cut because of its timeless and classy appearance. This haircut works equally well at parties as it does in a boardroom. Whether you’re looking to go to the office, or the office party, rest assured you’ll be prepared for the occasion.

Messy Hair 

messy hair at house of handsome

The messy hair look definitely makes a comeback for many people during the winter months. This hairstyle may seem like it does not require a barber, but a good barber can help you clean up the edges and make your messy look feel more planned.

Buzz Cut

buzz cut at barbershop in spruce grove and barbershop in sherwood park.

The Buzz Cut is a staple that many people forget about in the winter. In the summer months, many people choose to wear this style to avoid the heat and the mess involved with hair products in more humid temperatures. In the winter months, this haircut serves a greater purpose. It eliminates the repercussions of wearing a hat or toque by removing the effects of “hat hair”. A buzz cut means you can wear that hat while commuting to work, but you won’t have to spend 20 minutes fixing your hair in the bathroom. Just pull the hat off and you are good to go!

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