Finding the right hairstyle product that works for you can be a lengthy process. There are so many different types of hair out there and no two products ever style the same. Some hair types require a firm hold to keep a styled look throughout the day, while others may need a light cream to allow the hair to set slowly. Whatever you’re looking for, House of Handsome has put together a list of hair products that may be right for you!

Long Hair

Long hair can be incredibly tricky to style. Your first inclination might be to control the waves and drown them in pomade till it stays in one place. At House of Handsome, we actually recommend the opposite! Unless you’re going for the slick back from the ’80s (which is a very viable hairstyle still), we recommend using a product like “Dirty” by Lush. This light cream will keep your hair wavy and add the weight necessary to keep it under control, without forcing it into positions it’s not used to. The best part is, it will only start looking better as the day goes on! Our pro-tip with this one is that a little bit of product goes a VERY long way. Try using a dime-sized portion to start and add more if you need.

dirty by product for long hair. House of Handsome barbershop advice.

Curly Hair

american crew pomade. Recommended Hair product for curly hair by house of handsome barbershop edmonton

Having curly hair is often a blessing and a curse. While it is envied by anyone with straight hair, they often don’t realize how much effort it takes to maintain. For that reason, we recommend using something with a little more hold. Pomades are a great option for people with curly hair because they will also add a necessary shine that gets better throughout the day. A little bit of American Crew Pomade can really make those curls stand out in the most classic way. Try slicking your hair back with it in the morning and watch those curls bloom by the time you leave the house.

Short Hair

The possibilities with short hair are endless! At House of Handsome, we specialize in fades and other short hairstyles and can provide more tips after your next appointment. For now, though, we recommend trying a clay-like “Uppercut” which will keep your hair looking sharp all day. Products like clays and waxes will have your hair looking the same from the time you put it on till it’s time to wash out. Clays and waxes are also very water soluble and keep you feeling light.

uppercut clay. Hair products for short hair recommended by house of handsome barbershop edmonton sherwood park.

When picking out a hair product, it’s best to try one first to see if you’ll like it before buying a full portion. Ask your House of Handsome barber for some product after your next cut to try different styles and looks. We will always help you feel and look your freshest!