Getting a fresh haircut is one of the best feelings you can have. Finding a great barber on the other hand can be difficult and time-consuming. In an effort to make your search for a new barber easy, we have compiled a list of the best barbers in Edmonton, in descending order.

5. Compound Cut Club

With an impressive list of haircut and hairdressing services, we thought it was only right that the Compound Cut Club made this list at number 5. The talented barbers here can help you with regular haircuts for reasonable prices, and even more specialized styles like perms and coloring. If you are in Edmonton and looking for a barber, this is a great place whether you are trying to explore styles or just get that classic cut you always get. Just make sure to get here early as they close by 5 PM most days!

4. Barber Blonde

This spot is a great option for people looking to have their haircut on the go. Barber Blonde is available for walk-ins and even has barbers that specialize in children’s hair. Offering cuts, shaves, trims, and fades, this barber shop is great for those looking for an affordable haircut with the finest tools.

3. Gentleman’s Barbershop

Another option that is catered to all ages, Gentleman’s Barbershop offers a wide variety of options from straight razor shaving, to hot oil treatment, and even specialty haircuts for children. With such a wide variety of options and affordable prices, this might be the next stop for your next scheduled self-care session.

2. The Mensroom

The Mensroom is a staple barbershop with a long list of loyal clients. With unique services like massage therapy and illumiwave, this barbershop is truly more than just a place to have your hair cut. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your self-care needs, look no further. Just make sure to call before you go in for any specialty services as they have a strict appointment-only policy.

1. House of Handsome Barbershop

At House of Handsome Barbershop, we offer various services and styles that will fit your needs. House of Handsome Barbershop is one of the most versatile barber shops in Edmonton, from classic haircuts to facials, massage therapy, and more. Alongside the wide range of services, prices are affordable and the locations are in areas not too far from where you may live in Edmonton. Don’t miss out on a trip to House of Handsome for your next cut and we know you will not be disappointed!

House of Handsome barbershop is the best barbershop in Edmonton.