Welcome to House of Handsome, where style meets confidence, and grooming becomes an art form. In this exclusive blog, we will embark on a journey that intertwines the world of hockey greatness with the finesse of grooming – delving into the timeless allure of the haircuts worn by NHL Edmonton Oilers’ legends. From the suave sophistication of Gretzky to the contemporary flair of McDavid, these iconic players not only dominate the ice but also serve as trendsetters with their signature styles.


The Timeless Elegance of Wayne Gretzky

First up on our style roster is none other than Wayne Gretzky, who is also known as “The Great One.” Renowned for his unparalleled talent on the ice, he also captured attention with his slicked-back hairstyle, radiating confidence and class. His signature look exudes an air of timeless elegance that has stood the test of time, inspiring generations of fans to copy his suave demeanor both on and off the rink.


Emulating The Grit and Determination of Mark Messier

In the pantheon of NHL Edmonton Oilers’ legends, one name stands out for its unparalleled grit and determination – Mark Messier. As a key member of the Oilers’ dynasty during the 1980s, Messier not only showcased exceptional skill on the ice but also left a lasting impression with his rugged yet refined hairstyle. With his signature shaggy locks and rugged beard, Messier epitomized toughness and tenacity, earning him the nickname “The Moose.” His fearless approach to the game and unwavering commitment to excellence made him a beloved player among fans and a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. Get into the spirit of Messier’s legendary mane and embody the heart of a champion with House of Handsome Barber Shop.


Embracing Modern Flair with Connor McDavid

Transitioning to the present era, we find ourselves captivated by the modern charisma of Connor McDavid, the dynamic captain of the Oilers and a rising star in the NHL. With his contemporary on the classic flow, McDavid adds a fresh twist into the world of hockey hairstyles. His effortlessly cool manner and sleek haircut embody a perfect fusion of athleticism and sophistication, setting new standards for on-ice style.

Unlocking The Secrets Behind On-Ice Swagger

How to channel the spirit of these hockey greats and elevate your grooming game to legendary heights? At the House of Handsome Barber Shop, we believe that every haircut tells a story – and we’re here to help you craft yours. Whether you’re a die-hard Oilers fan seeking to emulate your favorite player’s look or simply looking for a fresh dose of inspiration, our team of expert barbers is ready to bring your vision to life.

Join Us on the Style Brawl

Join us on this exciting style brawl as we break down the secrets behind the on-ice swag of NHL Edmonton Oilers’ Legends. From grooming tips to insider insights, we’re here to support you to embrace your style with confidence and finesse. Whether you’re rocking the classic sophistication of Gretzky, getting into the spirit of Messier’s legendary mane or embracing the modern flair of McDavid, let House of Handsome be your trusted partner in achieving the ultimate grooming brilliance. Book an appointment now and be one step further into embodying the heart of a champion.