Halloween is a time of ghouls, ghosts, and getting creative with your look. From elaborate costumes to subtle ensembles, your hairstyle can play a huge role in completing your Halloween outfit. At House of Handsome, we’ve got some spooktacular suggestions to take your Halloween style to the next level.

1. The Vampire Slick Back

Dracula may have sported this classic look first, but you can make it your own with a modern twist. A slicked-back style with a pointed widows’ peak at the front can give you that mysterious vampire vibe. Pair this look with a dark suit or cape, and you’ll be the Count of the night.

2. Werewolf Tousle

For those who prefer to keep it wild and untamed, the werewolf tousle is perfect. Think lots of volume, texture, and a bit of chaotic flair. Use some of our premium hair styling products to maintain that wild look throughout your evening.

3. Mad Scientist Quiff

Who says science can’t be spooky? Bring out your inner Frankenstein with a quiff that defies gravity. This bold style requires a strong hold product to keep your hair pointing upwards, giving you that mad scientist appearance.

4. Rockstar Mullet

Sometimes, Halloween is about paying homage to heroes and anti-heroes alike. If you’ve got a soft spot for ’80s rock and roll, a mullet could be your go-to look. Think Billy Ray Cyrus but with a Halloween twist—maybe add some zombie makeup to mix things up.

5. Classic Zombie Dishevel

If you want to keep things simple yet scary, go for the zombie dishevel. This is essentially your everyday look but messier, with a few intentional hair strands falling across your face. Pair this hairstyle with some ghastly makeup, and you’re ready to roam the night.

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