Ah, the thrill of a new school year! Fresh notebooks, new pencils, and the most fun of all – a brand-new haircut to strut into the classroom. For the boys heading back to school, House of Handsome has curated a list of hairstyles that not only reflect the latest trends but are also easy for kids to manage and parents to maintain. Let’s jump right in!

1. The Classic Crew Cut

Timeless and always in vogue, the crew cut is a neat choice that keeps hair short and manageable. Plus, it suits most face shapes, making it a top pick for boys of all ages.

2. Buzz Cut with Side Designs

Adding a little modern twist to the traditional buzz cut, introduce some subtle line designs on the sides. It adds character while maintaining simplicity.

3. Curly Top with Tapered Sides

For boys with natural curls, this style allows them to rock their curly locks. The tapered sides ensure the curls remain the hairstyle’s focal point.

4. Side Parted with a Gentle Fade

A mature yet youthful style, this haircut is sleek and sophisticated, featuring a clean side part complemented by a gentle fade on the sides.

5. The Textured Quiff

Offering volume at the top, this hairstyle is playful and trendy. With a bit of hair product, the quiff can be molded to perfection and stay put throughout the school day.

6. Mop-Top for Longer Hair

Inspired by the Beatles, this retro cut is for boys who prefer a longer length. It frames the face nicely and is incredibly versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

7. The Modern Bowl Cut

The bowl cut has made a comeback with a contemporary twist. Today’s version is more blended and less stark, creating a seamless transition between the top and the sides.

8. Spiky Hair with Faded Sides

Spiky hairstyles have always been popular with the younger crowd. Paired with faded sides, it’s both stylish and easy to style in the mornings.

9. Faux Hawk for the Adventurous

For boys who like to make a statement, the faux hawk is edgy without being over-the-top. With shorter sides and a mohawk-inspired middle, it’s a confident choice for the first day back.

10. The Casual Tousled Look

Ideal for boys with wavy or slightly curly hair, this laid-back style is all about letting natural waves do their thing, with a bit of product for hold.

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