As men, we often focus on keeping our beard well-groomed but what about our hair? The secret to healthy and lustrous hair is not just about using the right products, it’s also about adopting healthy habits. Here are five habits for healthy hair that every man should know:

1. Cold Showers When Washing Your Hair:

Cold Showers When Washing Your Hair: While hot water may feel great on your skin, it’s not the best for your hair. Hot water can strip the natural oils from your scalp, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Instead, opt for a cool or cold shower when washing your hair. The cold water helps to seal the cuticles, locking in moisture and leaving your hair looking shiny and healthy.

2. Using Professional Hair Products:

Invest in high-quality, professional hair products that are formulated for your hair type. These products are designed to nourish and protect your hair, keeping it healthy and strong.

3. Using A Microfibre Towel To Dry Your Hair:

Traditional towels can be rough on your hair, causing damage and breakage. Instead, use a microfibre towel to dry your hair. These towels are gentle on your hair, helping to prevent breakage and frizz.

4. Limit Hat Use:

Hats can be a great accessory, but wearing them too often can be damaging to your hair. Tight-fitting hats can cause friction, leading to breakage and split ends. If you must wear a hat, choose a loose-fitting style that won’t rub against your hair.

5. Keep Your Hair Hydrated:

Just like your body needs water to stay hydrated, your hair needs moisture to stay healthy. Make sure to drink plenty of water and use a high-quality conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and nourished. A leave-in conditioner can also help to protect your hair from damage and keep it looking shiny and healthy.

At House of Handsome, we believe that healthy hair is about more than just grooming. It’s about adopting healthy habits that promote strong, healthy hair. Incorporate these five habits into your daily routine, and watch your hair transform from dull and lifeless to shiny and healthy. Make an appointment today with one of our expert barbers today to create your personalized hair care routine.