The month of November—or should we say, Movember—is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for men to embrace their facial hair in the name of men’s health. Whether you’re participating in Movember for raising money for a cause or just looking to switch up your look and bring awareness, House of Handsome has some mustache inspiration to make you the talk of the town. Here are some cool mustache styles to consider:

1. The Classic Handlebar

Nothing screams ‘gentleman’ more than a well-styled handlebar mustache. This timeless look involves growing out your mustache and curling the ends upward. Come into House of Handsome for a mustache trim and styling consultation to achieve this classic look.

2. The Pencil

Sleek, neat, and sharp are what define the pencil mustache. This style offers a vintage yet sophisticated appearance that is perfect for formal events. Our expert barbers can help shape and maintain your pencil mustache with precision.

3. The Chevron

Popularized by icons like Tom Selleck, the Chevron is a broad and thick mustache style that covers your entire upper lip. It’s a bold statement and requires regular upkeep, which our professional beard trims can provide.

4. The Walrus

If you want to go all-in this Movember, the walrus mustache is the way to go. It’s a thick and bushy style that hangs over your upper lip. We’ll guide you through the growing process and recommend products to keep it looking its best.

5. The Horseshoe

Also known as the “biker mustache,” this style is essentially a fuller version of the handlebar but extends down to the corners of the mouth and even the jawline. Swing by House of Handsome for some tips on how to perfect the horseshoe.

Styling and Maintenance at House of Handsome

Beyond just cutting and styling your mustache, House of Handsome offers a range of products specifically designed for facial hair maintenance. From mustache waxes to specialized combs, you’ll find everything you need to keep your Movember ‘stache looking its best.

Book Your Movember Prep Appointment

Movember is more than just a month; it’s a movement to raise awareness for men’s health. And what better way to participate than by proudly sporting a mustache? Whether you’re a Movember veteran or a newcomer to the mustache game, House of Handsome is your go-to place for achieving the look you desire.

Book your appointment today and let’s make this Movember the most stylish one yet!