In this blog, we discuss some tips on how you can style your facial hair in a way that turns heads.

The 5 O’Clock Shadow

beard style in 2022 5 o'clock shadow. Edmonton spruce grove barbershop and beard care.

The 5 O’Clock Shadow which is also known as the stubble beard is basically the shortest beard you can get while still considering it a beard. This style is timeless and is constantly featured by top celebrities such as David Beckham, Zac Effron, and many others. This beard is great as it requires low maintenance, only two to five days to grow, and the ladies love it. It’s a great in-between a solid beard and being clean-shaven.

The Ducktail

ducktail beard style in 2022. House of handsome barbershop in edmonton sherwood park and spruce grove barber. Beard trim, shave etc in spruce grove.

This beard style is extremely masculine and has come into style again recently. The reason for it being called a ducktail is because the full beard resembles a duck’s tail in terms of its pointed shape at the chin. You definitely need to have grown your beard for some time to be able to pull off this style as it is best when you have about 2 to 4 inches of beard on your chin. The best thing about this beard style is that it works for most face shapes. While this style may require regular maintenance, this is well worth it as you will have all eyes looking at you (and your beard of course).

The Goat (ee)

goatee beard style. barber in spruce grove, edmonton, and sherwood park doing beard trim, shave, styling etc. House of Handsome.

Want to feel like the “Goat”? Well, this goatee may be a great option to put off that feeling and also catch the eye of the ladies. In addition, a goatee is a really easy style to do yourself. All you have to do is shave everything except your mustache, chin, and the connecting lines between the two. It may require maintenance as the days go on, however, a clean goatee goes a long way with the ladies.

The Beardstache

the. beardstache beard style. Barber in sherwood park, spruce grove, & edmonton doing beard trim, beard hot shave, and more. House of Handsome barbershop sherwoodpark & spruce grove locations.

What even is the beardstache? Popularized by Henry Cavill (Super Man), this is where your facial hair is focussed on your mustache. So you have a longer mustache with a shorter beard around it to have that manly appearance that the ladies love. What’s so great about this style is that you can still have great facial hair while also highlighting those facial features of yours that a lady may appreciate.

The Beard Fade

the beard fade beard style in 2022. Edmonton barbershop, spruce grove barbershop, sherwood park barber at House of Handsome barber specializing in beard trims and shaves in Spruce grove.

Similar to the “haircut fade” that you get, the beard fade works in the opposite direction as the length of your beard gradually decreases as it goes up to your ears. This results in a sharp line that slims your face and draws attention to your jawline and chin. This would most definitely catch the eye of any person that looks your way. Now you could fade your beard yourself, however, there is a lot of room to make mistakes here. We suggest you get your beard fade done at a local barbershop, or if you live in the Edmonton area then come on down to one of our House of Handsome locations where we have beard specialists waiting to fade your beard.